Spend time selling, not dialing.

Make phone calls by highlighting phone numbers on any web page

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Pay nothing

RClick Call is free and always will. We have very subtle ads to support our operation but if you don't like ads, you can sign up to our paid subscriptions.

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Improve your success-call rate

Manually dialing is error-prone, sometimes you don't even notice these errors, and it can cost you that great deal.

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Work faster

The average time for you to pick up your phone, unlock it and manually dial the phone number is 15 seconds. Manually dialing is slow, you should spend time selling, not dialing.

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How does it work?


RClick Call consists of two apps, an Android App and a Chrome Extension. You must download, install and sign in to both apps.


With synchronized apps you can highlight any phone number on any web page, right-click it and choose "Call"


Pick up your phone and watch the magic happen. Confirm the upcoming call (see Settings) and start talking.

RClick is crazy easy. I don't waste time dialing or seeing if I typed it correctly. It's just 10 times faster and RClick call enables me to focus on the customer. It's just awesome!

- Bruno Perissotti • Head of Customer Success at Field Control